Details on why WWE is returning to live broadcasts, a positive test for COVID-19 would have released a member of the team


WWE has resumed live TV with Raw, Smackdown and NXT, and a new report explains why. According to Dave Melzter on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the reason WWE returned to live programming is because of concern over its contracts with FOX and USA Network.

Meltzer reported that WWE contracts stipulated live broadcasts for Smackdown, Raw and NXT for 49 weeks a year. It was noted that it was not known if FOX and NBCUniversal had said anything about the programs given the current situation and that they would likely deny it if asked, but that the contracts and concerns about financial sanctions are the reason why WWE will move forward.

As previously reported, WWE had its first positive coronavirus test with someone who had last contact with someone at WWE on March 26. Meltzter said it was someone from the broadcast team, but didn’t say who.


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