Desperate Premier League clubs cut replica shirt prices by up to 70% after coronavirus season ends – The Sun


Desperate Premier League clubs have reduced the price of replica shirts by up to 70% after the season ends.

Club store sales and online shopping have plummeted, leaving lots of unsold kits that need to be moved before new sponsorship deals start this summer.

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    Desperate football clubs cut replica T-shirt prices up to 70% as club store sales plummeted due to coronavirus shutdown1
Desperate soccer clubs cut replica T-shirt prices by up to 70% as club store sales plummeted due to coronavirus shutdown

Teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham and Arsenal are offering huge discounts.

Footie de haute vol was suspended until at least April 30 amidst the chaos of coronaviruses.

There are fears that clubs will face legal disputes with new sponsors if the matches are to be played later in the year.

Everton leads the reduction league with jerseys down 70% from £ 55 to just £ 15.

The defending Manchester City champions reduced the price of home and away jerseys from £ 65 to just £ 25 while Man United cut theirs from £ 64.95 to £ 32.

Spurs fans can take advantage of 40% discounts on away shirts from £ 65 to £ 39.

Arsenal home jerseys have dropped 30%, Chelsea are offering up to 40% off replica kits and Liverpool are taking 45%.

Each Premier League team, with the exception of Brighton & Hove Albion and Leicester City, offers discounts.

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Crystal Palace sells two adult shirts for just £ 50, or 40 percent off, while Southampton is promoting a one-on-one purchase for shirts.

Martyn James, from consumer group, said, “Fans have endured years of steadily increasing prices.

“There has never been a better time to show your support for your team, as prices are falling for the first time in years. “

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