Denzel Mims a dream receiver choice for bears in round 2


When the project approaches, players sometimes start lowering the projections for no good reason.

Baylor wide receiver Denzel Mims, for whatever reason, does not generate the kind of buzz that other receivers have in the last 17 days before the draft and it is a testament to the strength of this NFL draft off the receiver. ESPN analyst Todd McShay ranks Mims 10th best wide receivers behind Jalen Reagor of TCU and Laviska Shenault JR. from Colorado.

Mims did not break the first round of Connor’s Orr Sports Illustrated model project released on Tuesday, and was ranked 35th best project hope by SI.

The Bears spoke to Mims and if he does make it to the second round, there is no doubt that he will be considered by them at No. 43 with their first choice.

Mims’ skills are actually closer to an X receiver like Allen Robinson, except that he’s faster.

In an interview with the Matt Mosley Show on the KRZI in Philadelphia, Mims wondered which teams were most interested.

“Hard to say,” said Mims. “The Eagles, Bills, Bears, Colts, Jets, Cowboys, Rams and Titans.

“I have received a lot of calls lately. Now I’m just trying to figure out who’s going to fish, but I can be drafted by a team I haven’t even talked to at all. I’m just trying to be patient and see where I end up. “

If anything should attract a team to Mims, it is their attitude and their will to block when they are not involved in the reception match.

“I saw that it would separate my game from a lot of receivers in this league, and so I was proud of it,” said Mims at the NFL Scouting Combine. “And I knew if I were elite at that, then I would be an elite receiver. “

It’s about helping someone else to help themselves.

“Because I know that if you dominate the blocking game, it opens up the passing game,” said Mims. “Because if I block my corner very hard and he is fed up that I block it, then it will open up the passing game for me. “

This appreciation of the physical aspect of the game even shows that Mims claims to be a fan of the NFL. His favorite receiver is Michael Thomas of the Saints.

“He is physical. He has very good catches, ”said Mims. “It also blocks, and it’s the same as me. “

Mims may be physical, but he’s hardly a receiver of possession.

Mims achieved the sixth fastest time of the combine, not only among the receivers but for everyone. He turned in a 4.38.

Some scouts like the three cone drill are better than the 40 to judge the real speed of play. Mims ran 6.66 seconds. It’s the fastest time on the combine.

At 6-3, 207 and with a 38 1/2 inch vertical jump, Mims has the physical ability to do whatever a receiver should do. He almost did it at another position.

“It was like, my first year, I didn’t really have any playing time,” said Mims. “I burned my red shirt and I really didn’t have any playing time. So I wanted to try to take a step to go around the corner because I thought I could play around. And coach (Matt) Rhule saw me play ball receiver one day. And it was like, “No, you’re going to stay at the receiver. “It turned out to be good. “

It is a decision that the Bears and a number of other teams could benefit from after the draft day.

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