Dennis Rodman’s race with the Bulls: Telling the eventful and successful passage with Michael Jordan and Co.


Dennis Rodman has had a colorful career. By the time he retired from the NBA in 2000, he was no doubt known for his antics on the floor – strong hair, partying and, of course, the wedding dress – as he was for his les court contributions, which were extensive. Some of the most memorable moments in Rodman’s career have occurred in the years he has played alongside Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as a member of the Chicago Bulls. Rodman only played with them for three years, but to say that his time as a bull was hectic would be an understatement. That said, here is a timeline of his memorable visit to Chicago.

October 3, 1995: Bulls acquires Rodman of Spurs in the trade

Rodman’s two-season stint with the San Antonio Spurs officially ended on October 3, 1995 when he was traded to the Bulls for veteran center Will Perdue (Rodman recently stated that the Spurs traded him for “nobody “).

Rodman was productive during his stay in San Antonio. That was fine as he led the league in rebounds per game in his two seasons with the Spurs. Off the field, however, there were a plethora of problems. One in particular was Rodman constantly locking horns with the organization. Rick Gano from Washington Post provided a good summary of Rodman’s current problems in San Antonio on the day of his transfer to Chicago:

But the 34-year-old striker, who loves multi-colored hairstyles, matching piercings and night parties, has constantly irritated the Spurs’ front office … Rodman has been suspended during the season for insubordination and often missed practice, his fate unknown. During matches, he pushed the groups aside and pulled his basketball shoes off the bench … By acquiring Perdue, a 30-year-old half-time marginal player, San Antonio made it clear that he was simply planning to discharge Rodman .

It was therefore in unusual circumstances that Rodman arrived in Chicago. The Bulls obviously did their due diligence before the acquisition, and the move was approved by head coach Phil Jackson, as well as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen before it was completed. Rodman even had to apologize to Pippen for a previous transgression before being added to the list.

The addition of Rodman was the final risk / reward decision for the Bulls. If things went well, Rodman could provide Chicago with a much-needed rebound while pursuing other championships. However, if the situation went south, the possibility that Rodman would become locker room cancer was one that the front office had to consider. Looking back, it seems pretty safe to say that Rodman’s signature bet has paid off.

January 16, 1996: Rodman records his first – and only – triple-double in career

It didn’t take long before the addition of Rodman began to pay dividends on the Chicago property. “The Worm” has totaled more than 20 rebounds three times in its first six games with the Bulls, and recorded its first – and only – triple-double career against the Philadelphia 76ers on January 16, 1996. It finished the match. with 10 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists and helped lead the Bulls to a double-digit victory while showing just how valuable he could be in the process.

March 16, 1996: Rodman hits the referee after his expulsion

Rodman’s first major transgression as a member of the Bulls occurred on March 16, 1996. That day Rodman was ejected from a game against the New Jersey-era Nets in the first quarter after being struck with two technical faults. Rodman was assessed his first technique for slamming the ball on the ground. The second came as Rodman protested a foul that had been pronounced against him while fighting for a rebound.

Rodman was clearly not satisfied with the ejection and, while expressing his dissatisfaction with the referee Ted Bernhardt, his head contacted Bernhardt. Rodman then ripped off his shirt and rammed the Gatorade side cooler while continuing to chastise the referees on the way to the locker room. It was quite the scene, which you can see below:

Rodman was ultimately suspended for six games and fined $ 203,926. Although he would eventually put the situation behind him, Rodman certainly did not help his already confused reputation with the incident.

June 16, 1996: Rodman helps Bulls win fourth NBA title

Sure, there were a few bumps along the way, but on June 16, 1996, Rodman did exactly what he was brought to Chicago for: helping the Bulls win their fourth NBA title. The championship was the Bulls’ first since Jordan returned from his time as a baseball player. It would be the first of three in a row. In the 1996 final game against the Seattle Supersonics, Rodman had 19 rebounds (11 offensive), nine points, five assists, three interceptions and a block, and his consistent energy helped propel the Bulls to the victory.

“As you assess the series, Dennis Rodman has won two basketball games,” said Sonics head coach George Karl after game 6, via “We controlled Dennis Rodman for four games. But match 2 and tonight is why they made it. “

At the time, Rodman said the series against Seattle was an opportunity for him to prove the opposite of his doubts – an opportunity he took advantage of.

“It makes basketball fun for me,” said Rodman of his impact on the series against the Sonics at the time. “The past four years have been hell for me. It was a transition. People said I was disturbing, I am this, I am that. I came back and proved that everyone was wrong. “

Aug 21, 1996: Rodman wears a wedding dress to sign a book in Manhattan

After winning his first title with the Bulls, Rodman did not wait until the following season to make the headlines. In a move that has caught the attention of international media and has become one of his most memorable stunts, Rodman wore a wedding dress and veil for a book signing in Manhattan while promoting his autobiography , As bad as I want to be. Rodman really went out of his way and even arrived at the event in a horse-drawn carriage. Rodman said the idea was partially inspired by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

“After thinking about this idea, I came to the hotel and was riding a stationary bike in the gym,” Rodman said in 2019, via USA Today. “And I looked to my left, and there was [Aerosmith’s] Steven Tyler on the bike next to me. I said, “Steven, what do you think of this idea? I am thinking of wearing a wedding dress for my book signing. And he turned around. He said, “This is great. It’s great. “I didn’t know that wearing a wedding dress on Fifth Avenue was going to have that impact. We shocked the world. “

January 15, 1997: Rodman kicks the cameraman and is suspended 11 times

Rodman may have silenced some of his critics by helping the Bulls win the title in 1996, but the ring didn’t stop him from making headlines for the wrong reasons. On January 15, 1997, during a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Rodman let his temper take over. After tripping over cameraman Eugene Amos along the baseline after fighting for a rebound, Rodman reacted by kicking Amos in the groin area. It was an ugly scene, which you can see below:

The error was costly for Rodman, who ultimately paid Amos $ 200,000 in settlement. He was also fined $ 25,000 by the NBA and suspended for 11 games without pay. Overall, the incident cost Rodman a million dollars and was another flaw in his resume.

June 13, 1997: Rodman and Bulls win second consecutive NBA title

Whatever distractions Rodman was responsible for, it certainly didn’t slow Chicago’s success. For the second consecutive June, the Bulls found themselves hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy when all was said and done, and Rodman was once again a major contributor. He grabbed 11 rebounds in the closing game and made it difficult for all-star Jazz forward Karl Malone throughout the series.

December 27, 1997: Rodman shoots in 29 rebounds against the Hawks

Rodman’s best rebound game in a Bulls jersey was on December 27, 1997 against the Atlanta Hawks. During the contest, Rodman had 29 rebounds, a United Center record. And while Rodman dominated the glass, Jordan dominated the defense with 47 points. Together, Jordan and Rodman propelled the Bulls to a 97-90 victory.

June 14, 1998: Rodman plays the last game with Bulls and helps them win the third consecutive title

Rodman’s last game with the Bulls was on June 14, 1998 in the sixth game of the 1998 final against the Jazz. Rodman had been fined by the Bulls earlier in the series for missing training to attend a WWE (formerly WWF) event, but ultimately he was there when the Bulls needed him because he had seven points and eight rebounds in the closing game. against Jazz. The victory provided Rodman with his fifth and final championship ring and ultimately turned out to be the last playoff game he would play in.

January 21, 1999: Rodman published by Bulls

Rodman’s Chicago race ended on January 21, 1999 when he was released by the Bulls, when the team was in the midst of a complete overhaul at the request of general manager Jerry Krause. Jordan and Jackson were also gone, and Pippen had just been traded to the Houston Rockets. Rodman was the last to leave and was released before the start of the 1998-99 season due to a lockout. During his three seasons in Chicago, Rodman won three titles and in turn played a major role in one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the league.


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