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Monday we presented our first glimpse of Paul Atreides of Timothy “Sad Boy” Chalamet, the protagonist of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic, Dune, as adapted by the arrival director and the darling of the Denis Villeneuve Academy. These days, the Vainness Fair continues this appetizer with fucking total food, generously sprinkled with the priceless “spice” of history. In “Behold Dune”, Anthony Breznican of the magazine chats with a range of important characters from the film, such as Villeneuve and Chalamet, and shares a number of new generation images.

The most intriguing and likely critics are Villeneuve’s critics, who discuss his final decision to divide the tale into two films and the strategies in which he feels his themes converse with our current reality. “I would not accept making this adaptation of the electronic book with a single film,” he said. “The environment is far too complex. It’s a planet that needs its power in some ways. “


He adds: “No matter what you think, the Earth is changing and we will have to adapt. This is why I think Dune, this book, was published in the 20th century. It was a distant portrait of the fact of oil and capitalism and the exploitation – the overexploitation – of the Earth. Things are even worse these days. It is a story of transition to adulthood, but also a contact for the action of young people. “

“This is an electronic book that deals with politics, faith, ecology, spirituality – and with a lot of people,” said Villeneuve. “I consider why it is so difficult. In fact, it is by far the most difficult factor that I have ended up existing. “

We assume that Alejandro Jodorowsky can understand.

Villeneuve and the solid also unpack some of the massive adjustments he made to the fabric of history. For one person, he sought to amplify the representation of women of all ages, a choice that follows in light weight his derivative series Dune: The Sisterhood on the Bene Gesserit. Rebecca Ferguson’s Jessica, for example, is, according to the article, “even more dreadful than before.” with a synopsis of the plot describing her as a “warrior priestess”.

“He’s a mom, he’s a concubine, he’s a soldier,” suggests Ferguson. “Denis was fairly respectful of Frank’s performance on the reserve, [but] the excellent bows for most women of all ages have been introduced at a new stage. There were changes he made, and they are fantastically represented now. “

Dr. Liet Kynes, in the meantime, will not be represented as a white person, as in the textbooks, but by a black woman. Sharon Duncan-Brewster, who you may not forget from Rogue A person, plays the part. “What Denis went through told me that there was a lack of women in his cast, and he had often been incredibly feminist, professional-women of all ages, and wanted to create a woman’s goal,” said said Duncan-Brewster Vainness Fair. “This human being essentially manages to maintain peace between many people. Women are extremely good at it, so why can’t Kynes just be a woman? Why should Kynes not be a girl?

Test out some photos of Ferguson and Duncan-Brewster below and appear to be like people played by Oscar Isaac, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa and the formidable Stephen McKinley Henderson – who is currently killing him on Devs – who has been verified as Thufir Hawat from Dune. You will also see Zendaya, who is established apart from Meechee for the mysterious Chani, a piercing determinant that haunts the dreams of Paul de Chalamet.

One particular character we never see is Baron Vladimir, the villainous head of the Harkonnen residence. Played by Stellan Skarsgård, he explained “a rhino in the human variety”, and Villeneuve confirms that it will be played in full prosthesis. “As important as I deeply appreciate the electronic book, I felt that the baron very often flirted with caricature,” said Villeneuve of the character. “And I tried to use it to give it a little more dimension. That’s why I introduced to Stellan. Stellan has one thing in his eye. You really feel that there is an individual who contemplates, thinks, thinks – who has rigidity and who calculates inside, at the back of the eyes. I can testify, it can be pretty awful. “

Chalamet, meanwhile, describes the experience of filming in remote locations outside the Abu Dhabi home as “truly surreal.” He provides: “There are these landscapes of Goliath, which you can imagine perhaps present on the planets of our universe, but not on Earth. “

It also addresses the agony of the rubbery “dead suits” that Paul and other characters put on to stay hydrated inside the story. “The capture temperature was sometimes 120 levels,” he says. “In a genuinely founded way, it was precious to be in dead suits and to be at this level of exhaustion. “

As of now, Dune is scheduled to hit theaters on December 18. However, it’s best not to hold your breath.

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