Demi Lovato describes social distancing as “luxurious” and compares it to rehabilitation


Demi Lovato compared social distance to rehabilitation and described staying at home as “luxurious”.

The pop star, 27, admitted that social distancing was not too difficult for her because she compared it to her time in rehabilitation after an almost fatal overdose in 2018.

Demi said she likes to close herself off to the world in the midst of the coronavirus health crisis.

In an interview with Jameela Jamil for I Weigh, she revealed: “The funny thing is that I’m a man at home because I don’t like glory.

“I love being able to reach and help a lot of people with my music. And I like to use my platform for the greater good.

Demi stays at home in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic

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“But when it comes to paparazzi or being recognized, things like that, it’s just not a part that I really enjoy, so I’m staying at home anyway.

The former Disney children’s star, who almost died after an overdose, said her previous rehab experiences had helped her adjust fairly easily to life in quarantine.

Lovato described her locked-out life as “luxurious” because she has the right to have her phone and a TV.

Half and former Disney co-star Selena Gomez in their youth

“I’m much more used to self-isolation, but I’m also very used to it because I joked with friends I met during treatment.

“You’re locked in an establishment, which was mostly like a place that looks like a house or they have beds, except in rehab, you don’t have TV or your phone, so it’s luxurious .

Demi credited the rehabilitation and explained that she was “happy” to have been isolated several times in her life.

She attributes rehabilitation for her preparation for life in quarantine

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However, the star admitted that she was “not doing well” when she was working at home because she wanted to chill and relax with her dogs rather than work.

The singer said she did not create a lot of music in quarantine, but it focused on well-being meditating and guiding prayers instead.

Last July, Demi was found to be numb at her Hollywood Hills home after an overdose.

Demi, who had spoken openly about her battle with addiction in the past, admitted that she had relapsed in the lyrics of her song Sober.

The revelation came only a few months after it marked six years of sobriety.

She had another pass in rehabilitation in 2010 when she was 18 years old.

“I didn’t think I could turn 21,” admitted Demi.

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