Dedicated nurse dies with coronavirus at hospital where she spent her career


A dedicated nurse died from a coronavirus in the hospital where she spent her long career.

Julie Penfold was admitted to Arrowe Park, where she worked as a medical assistant and then a nurse for many years, after contracting the Covid-19 virus.

The 53-year-old is described as a “beloved member of staff” by the Wirral Teaching Hospital, all of whom were reportedly devastated by his death.

A hospital spokesman said in a statement, “Sincere tributes were paid to WUTH nurse Julie Anna (Julie) Penfold, who unfortunately died of the Covid-19 aftermath.

It’s something that has touched our whole lives at one point.

From the cradle to the grave, the National Health Service and the incredible professionals who care for us are part of British life.

Today, more than ever, we must cherish those who dedicate themselves to our care, without worrying about their own health, because they work tirelessly to care for people facing the coronavirus pandemic.

Nurses and others – employed by the NHS and all other parts of health and care – we never needed it anymore.

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“Known by her friends as Jules, she was 53 years old and a highly valued member of the staff. She was on a career break due to ill health about 18 months ago.

“Julie, who had underlying health conditions, was a patient at Arrowe Park Hospital when she died.

“She joined the Trust in 2003, starting as an outpatient health care assistant at Arrowe Park.

“After training as a nurse, she was based in Ward 36, before moving to the Wirral Community Trust for three years.

“She returned to WUTH and was based in Ward 25, then returned to outpatients in Arrowe Park, where she also mentored nurses and trainee doctors. ”

Julie was a mother figure for many with two daughters, a son, an adopted daughter, two stepdaughters and 11 grandchildren; and the couple also welcomed more than 20 children.

She also had a son and a daughter who unfortunately died.

Her husband Nick also paid tribute to his wife, with whom he had been married for almost 25 years.

Nick Penfold, 57, said, “She was so dedicated to her job. She loved her job. When she was in school, all she was talking about was being a nurse.

“She was charming and never had any bad words to say about anyone and nothing has bothered her too much.

“She was always watching over others and taking care of everyone.

Julie Penfold, 53, was a nurse at Arrowe Park before dying from a coronavirus

“As a mentor, she liked to train the youngest and supported many doctors. She was really loved.

“I was really proud of her. She was an exceptional woman. “

Nick added, “She was just a beautiful woman and everything I lived for. His death was such a shock. “

A book of condolences is being put up in the chapel of Arrowe Park Hospital for colleagues who wish to pay tribute to Julie and there will also be an in memoriam photograph placed in the ambulatory where she worked.

Julie worked as a nurse in Arrowe Park where she later died

Janelle Holmes, Director General of the Wirral University Hospital, also paid tribute to Julie and said: “Words cannot express how sad we all are to lose a member of our own team because of COVID-19 .

“It’s really devastating and my thoughts and sympathy go out to Julie’s family right now.

“She was a valued member of staff who cared so much about others. I know that many colleagues will want to pay tribute to them and a book of condolences has been put in place for the staff to sign and share their memories of their colleague Jules, whom we will pass on to his family.

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Coronavirus last

“We know that events like deaths from COVID -19 have a profound impact, especially when the person is known to us.

“We are here to support staff and there is a lot of emotional support and advice available through our health and wellness centers in Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge for those who think they need to talk to someone . ”

Nearly £ 1,500 has been raised for Julie’s family and anyone wishing to donate is asked to visit the GoFundMe page HERE.


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