Deconfinement in France will not be done by region


Yesterday, President Emmanuel Macron spoke of “deconfinement by region and by sector”, but that has now changed.

The end of the imprisonment will, on the contrary, be adapted to “the reality of each district,” the Elysee announced today after a video meeting between President Macron and local mayors.

The government will work directly with the mayors of all of France on the details of the deconfinement.

There will be no restrictions on traveling between regions, was also confirmed.

The Elysee Palace has announced that the complete deconfinement plan will be presented next week, probably Tuesday,

Return to school will be gradual and voluntary. From May 11, some students from kindergarten and primary classes CP and CM2 could return with priority given to the youngest, the most disadvantaged pupils and pupils from rural areas.

The week after high school (middle and high school students from 6th, 3rd, 1st and 12th grade) can resume.

From May 25, all classes can return.

President Macron also encouraged mayors to undertake a mass purchase of masks as a “recommendation but not an obligation”.


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