Death toll rises to 16 at Almonte Country Haven, families fear every phone call


Content of the article

The Cox family fear every phone call.

Debra Cox has already lost her father, Ross Richards, to the COVID-19 epidemic in Almonte Country Haven, and she now fears for her mother, Lois, who also suffers from respiratory illness, and remains locked up at the inside the damaged establishment.

“I think all the families are sitting on pins and needles,” Cox said in an interview on Monday. “Every time the phone rings, it’s like” Oh my God, does anyone in the house tell me that my mom is dead? “”

The epidemic claimed the lives of 16 residents of Almonte Country Haven, an 82-bed for-profit facility in Mississippi Mills. The deaths of two other residents were confirmed on Monday by the company that operates the facility, OMNI Health Care Ltd.

“My heart goes out to the families and our entire care team as we grapple with these losses together,” said shelter administrator Carolyn Della Foresta in a press release.


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