Death toll rises from 569 to 2,961 in the UK, while 1.7 million people may already have Covid-19 – The Sun


The number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has increased from 569 today to 2,961.

The largest increase in deaths to date comes after NHS figures suggest that more than 1.7 million Britons may already have been infected with the virus.

Since March 18, 1,496,651 people have reported only Covid-19 compliant symptoms, while 243,543 additional assessments were completed using NHS calls 111 and 999.

However, this may not mean that each call or web assessment was aimed at a different person.

NHS staff may be forced to stop using life-saving treatments, such as ventilators, on dying patients if other people with the virus are more likely to survive.

Health workers may be forced to make the decision if hospitals are overwhelmed with patients infected with Covid-19, according to the latest opinion from the British Medical Association (BMS).

The document warns decisions about resource rationing, such as ventilators, could determine whether a large number of patients will receive life-saving treatment or not.

Before the new field hospital opened, staff at London’s NHS Nightingale Hospital were ordered to prepare for death.

Volunteers at the 4,000-bed field hospital in the ExCel center east of the capital were reportedly warned that 80% of coronavirus patients with forced ventilation would likely die.

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