Death toll in the United States exceeds 40,000


Spain allows young children to go out for the first time in weeks

Children 12 and under in Spain will be allowed to leave their homes next Monday after five weeks of detention. But Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez made it clear during the announcement on Saturday that the country’s foreclosure would continue until at least May 9.

“These permits for children will be limited to avoid further contagion,” he said. “We will gradually lift the detention during the month of May.”

Spain has enacted one of the strictest bans in Europe and has claimed more than 20,000 coronavirus-related deaths – only Italy and the United States have higher death rates.

UNICEF calls for more help for children at risk in the Middle East

The United Nations agency for children launched Monday an additional 92.4 million dollars to help fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the Middle East and North Africa, a region ravaged by conflicts with the more children in need.

Yemen is a major concern, said Ted Chaiban, UNICEF regional chief. After five years of civil war, half of the health centers in Yemen are no longer functioning. Two million children are malnourished, 400,000 of whom are severely malnourished.

“It was already essential to meet the needs of children in Yemen. With COVID-19, you now have that extra advocate for vulnerability, “said Chaiban, adding that increased funding is needed for a range of programs across the region to help alleviate the pandemic.

Shake Shack to repay $ 10 million in small business loans

Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer and CEO Randy Garutti announced just before midnight Sunday that the company had been able to access the additional capital needed “to ensure our long-term stability” and that it would return the $ 10 million that were granted to him through the CARES law.John Locher / AP

Shake Shack, one of several large restaurant chains that got federal loans through the coronavirus stimulus law to help small businesses, said Sunday evening that it was paying back the $ 10 million.

The hipster-preferred hamburger company, based in New York, is one of more than a dozen companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue who received money from the Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, which has set aside $ 349 billion in the stimulus bill called the CARES Act to help small businesses keep their employees on the payroll.

Less than two weeks after its launch, the program is already short of money.

In a statement Sunday evening on LinkedIn, Danny Meyer, founder and CEO of Shake Shack and CEO of its parent company, Union Square Hospitality Group, and Randy Garutti, CEO of Shake Shack, said they had no idea that the would run out so quickly, and after they managed to get separate funding last week, “We decided to immediately return the full $ 10 million” so that the restaurants that “need it the most can ‘get it now’.

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Announcement of transparency rules for nursing homes

The federal agency that oversees retirement homes announced new transparency measures on Sunday requiring disclosure of coronavirus cases to families of patients and public health officials.

Speaking at a White House briefing, Seema Verma, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, called the new policies “important” and said they will support a national effort to track the virus and slow its spread. spread.

“As we reopen the United States, our surveillance efforts around the virus will begin in retirement homes,” said Verma.

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Reese Loggins, a 10-year-old boy from High Point, North Carolina, who is fighting leukemia at Duke University Hospital, looked out the window and found a surprise birthday present hanging in the air.

Due to visiting restrictions and social isolation guidelines, her parents wanted to make the day even more special for Reese. It was his second birthday at the hospital.

“It was really difficult,” said her mother, Michelle Loggins. “The closer his birthday approached, the more he talked about cycling, how much he missed cycling. “

On the morning of Reese’s birthday last Wednesday, construction crews used a crane to lift a bicycle gift up to her fifth floor window, sang “Happy Birthday” and displayed a banner atop a nearby building that said “Happy 10th Reese Birthday”. Then nurses and other staff entered Reese’s room and sang “Happy Birthday”.


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