Death toll in the United States approaches 60,000 as labors rush for vaccine


President Trump said on Tuesday that the coronavirus “is going to disappear,” repeating a claim that contradicts its own health experts. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease administration expert, said the deadly virus will not go away and the United States should prepare for a new wave in the fall.

Trump said a vaccine looks promising, but he thinks the virus will go away, and if it comes back in “modified” form in the fall, the United States will manage it.

CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy asked Trump how, with no known treatment or treatment and states are starting to reopen, he could be so confident.

“I hope we find a vaccine. You never know a vaccine, but great strides have been made. Johnson & Johnson and Oxford and lots of good stuff, you heard the same things I did, “Mr. Trump replied, noting” huge progress “on possible vaccines.

“But I think what’s going to happen is going to disappear,” added Mr. Trump. “It will go away, and if it comes back in a modified form in the fall, we will be able to manage it, we will be able to put out the flare-ups, and we are very ready to manage it. ” Click here to read more.

Trump says “it will go away” on coronavirus


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