Death toll in Spain falls for the third day in a row with 12,418 dead


Spain has become the second most affected country in the world in the midst of the pandemic (Photo: Getty / PA)

Another 674 people died in Spain after being tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the third consecutive day that the death toll has declined in the country.

A total of 130,759 confirmed cases of the virus were registered in the second most affected country in the world, an increase of 6,023 since yesterday. The death toll is now 12,418.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Saturday that he would extend the country’s lockout for another 15 days until April 26, to give the health care system time to recover.

In a televised address to the nation, Sanchez said the foreclosure measures were starting to yield positive results in “saving lives” but warned that the latest extension would not be the last.

Prime Minister of the country extended the lockout (Photo: Rex)
The Community of Madrid temporary hospital at IFEMA to treat patients with coronavirus (Photo: Getty)

He said the country was now “close to surpassing the peak of infections” after the number of deaths between Friday and Saturday was 809 – the lowest in a week.

Sanchez said, “We are at the beginning of the decline in the epidemic. We are stronger than we think, but we must endure. With sacrifice, resistance and a spirit of victory ”.

The Prime Minister added that “we are not going to extend the status quo of economic activity”, but said that shops, bars and restaurants will remain closed.

However, Sanchez said certain economic restrictions would be lifted after Easter.

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