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The daily death toll from coronavirus in France has dropped in the past 24 hours and admissions to intensive care have also slowed, said the health minister, thanking citizens for largely respecting a lock to stop the spread of the virus. Data from the Ministry of Health on Sunday showed that 357 people died from COVID-19 in hospitals, compared to 441 in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths in hospitals to 5,889. which brings the total number of deaths to 8,078 in France. “These data confirm that the epidemic is continuing in the country and continues to hit hard,” the ministry said. Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in France since the start of the epidemic increased by 2.7% or 1873 to 70,478, the ministry said in a daily update. He added that about 22,361 confirmed or possible cases were recorded in nursing homes, bringing the total of confirmed or possible cases of coronavirus in France to 92,839. France decided on March 17 to confine its inhabitants in homes to stop the spread of the virus, as a daily wave of infections threatened the health system. The measures have been extended until April 15 and are expected to be extended again. “French men and women who are in their twentieth day of detention must be thanked,” said the Ministry of Health in the press release. He urged citizens to continue to observe strict containment measures and to keep their distance. Authorities and doctors warned people on Sunday not to be tempted by the sunny spring weather. The Department of Health said admissions to intensive care units had also slowed in the past 24 hours with 390 people requiring intensive care compared to 502 the day before. The total number of people in intensive care units was 6,978, an increase of 2.0% from an increase of 2.6% in the previous 24 hours. Australian Associated Press


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