Death toll in France falls as Europe records 45,000 deaths on Covid-19


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                Samedi, la France a signalé 441 décès de coronavirus en 24 heures, soit un chiffre record de 588 enregistré la veille. Cela a porté le nombre total de décès à 7 560 depuis le début de l'épidémie. Dans l'ensemble, en Europe, la pandémie a tué plus de 45 000 personnes, dont environ 85% en Italie, en Espagne, en France et en Grande-Bretagne.

Avec un total de 46 033 décès, sur 627 203 cas, l'Europe est le continent le plus durement touché par COVID-19.

Italy, with 15,362 deaths, and Spain, with 11,744, are the two countries most affected in terms of death. France recorded 7,560 deaths and Great Britain 4,313.

France has been blocked since March 17 in order to slow the spread of the epidemic, only essential travel must be justified with a signed sheet of paper authorized.

The Spanish Prime Minister announced on Saturday an extension of the country’s isolation to fight the coronavirus, saying that the measures “were bearing fruit”, the number of deaths having dropped for a second consecutive day.

A nationwide 15-day state of emergency was announced for the first time on March 14, prohibiting people from leaving their homes, except for essential outings such as buying food or seeking medical care. . It was scheduled to end on April 11 after being extended for two weeks.

Spain is still in a race against the clock to procure more medical equipment for its overcrowded hospitals, including respirators.

About 50 people arrived from Germany on Friday after Spain called on its NATO allies.

Another shipment was to be sent from Turkey but was finally requisitioned by the Turkish authorities.

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