Death toll from coronavirus in France increases with inclusion of nursing homes



In early March, health officials asked staff at nursing homes to tighten entry protocols, wear gloves and masks, and isolate suspected cases.

However, a worker in the Lyon area said that since last week in her retirement home, residents have always been dining together and the staff did not wear a mask. Since then, two workers have tested positive and four residents have fallen ill, she said.

It is still unknown when the epidemic will reach its peak in France and Paris hospitals are still struggling to add intensive care beds. France has already increased its number to 9,000, against around 5,000 before the start of the crisis.

Solomon said the number of coronavirus patients requiring respiratory assistance increased by 6% the previous day to 6,399.

With France now in its third week of foreclosure, the number of intensive care patients should show in the coming days how effective the government’s unprecedented measure is proving to be to slow the rate of spread.

In the Paris region, the intensive care units are more or less saturated. Health officials in the capital are trying to add 200 beds.

In Neuilly, a well-to-do suburb of Paris, an intensive care nurse told Reuters TV that it was the wild swings in the condition of some patients that were among the most difficult to manage.


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