David Wells says trade with Toronto is the worst day of his career


Asked by a Twitter fan on Friday night, David Wells said the day he was traded to the Blue Jays was the worst day of his career. Ouch.

A relationship between a team and a player is a two-way street, and unfortunately it is often a complicated puzzle. It is particularly complicated when a party did not really want to be involved at the start.

This more or less happened to the Blue Jays after their 1998 season, and somehow it happened twice. First, Roger Clemens had just won his second consecutive Cy Young victory as Blue Jay and had asked to be traded this season. The Blue Jays have found a deal they think will work, sending it to the Yankees for David Wells, Homer Bush and Graeme Lloyd.

The problem hasn’t really gone because Wells, who replaced Clemens at the top of the Blue Jays’ rotation, also didn’t want to be in Toronto.

To be fair, the Yankees came out of World Series victories in 1996, and had just won in 1998 with Wells on the list, so you can’t blame the left-hander for having the idea of ​​being traded of this situation, even if it was in a familiar environment. The Blue Jays may have had a promising team at the time in franchise history, but they couldn’t compete with the Yankees of the late 1990s and Wells knew that.

In fact, he still talks about it today, at least when it comes to his attention. It happened Friday night when Wells was invited, “What was the worst day of your baseball career? », And his answer? “To be sold in Toronto in 99”.

In his defense, Wells said that he had always been a Yankees fan and that he particularly adored the legend of Babe Ruth. He even went so far as to wear an authentic Babe Ruth hat on the mound for a real MLB game, which he paid $ 35,000 to acquire, so you know it meant something to him.

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So, should Blue Jays fans offend Wells by saying that his trade with Toronto was the worst day of his career? I can certainly understand where it came from in this case, even if I prefer not to have read this particular comment. Well.


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