David Luiz admits he wondered why he transferred Chelsea’s Arsenal


David Luiz admitted he asked why he joined Arsenal after he transferred from Chelsea this summer.

The Brazilian defender had two successful spells at Stamford Bridge with the Blues, but was deemed surplus by new boss Frank Lampard last summer.

Chelsea unloaded Luiz on Arsenal in a £ 8m low-cost deal, which was considered a big move by the Gunners at the time.

But Luiz had reservations about the change.

“I was always very happy at Chelsea. And then understand that my cycle was over, even if I thought it would not end like this, in a quick decision, “Luiz told ESPN Brasil. “I decided to leave Chelsea before I even opened my doors at Arsenal.

David Luiz has admitted having doubts about his move from Chelsea to Arsenal
David Luiz has admitted having doubts about his move from Chelsea to Arsenal

“I know that Arsenal did not come at a great time, they had a weight on their defense, I go there and I will have to pay the restaurant bill without having eaten.

“But I’m going because I want something new for my life, I want to learn. “

Luiz left Chelsea in the cloud after reports of an argument with Lampard on the club’s training ground before a quick start for London’s Blues rivals.

Just a few months before Luiz played in Chelsea’s final Europa League victory against Arsenal at the end of a campaign in which he had made 50 appearances for his team.

He made a fairly decent start in his initial performances for Arsenal, but was quickly exposed after making two mistakes in a 3-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield.

The 32-year-old has since received his fair share of criticism, along with the rest of Arsenal’s defense, and has admitted he has doubts about his transfer.

“It was not easy at first. Not just for the adaptation, but to take the criticism, the sadness of many Chelsea fans not to understand my personal decisions, “added Luiz. “My respect and love for Chelsea has always been true.

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“It was difficult to manage the emotional part, then to play, things did not happen on the field, the results did not happen.

” [Former Arsenal boss] Unai [Emery] is a great coach and a great person, but things didn’t go well for him either.

“So you stir and try to stay up and strong. And I have often wondered why this decision was made. Why is this happening? “


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