David Beckham commits sausage and mash crime with added ingredient


David Beckham deserves a red card – on his cooking skills.

The 44-year-old former footballer stays with his family in their luxurious Cotswold home and has spent time in the kitchen … but with decidedly mixed results.

Sharing snaps of his food for his 62 million followers, he showed a plate full of bangers and mash, covered with sauce.

But he raised his eyebrows after tapping a portion of coleslaw on the side.

He told fans, “Simple pleasures, bangers and mash.” Oh and the coleslaw. “

David also revealed that he had Viennetta, telling fans that he was only allowed to enjoy ice cream “on special occasions when I was a little boy.”

David was busy in the kitchen during his self-isolation

The Beckham family is in their Costwold estate

David also shared videos of him cooking with Harper, making beef rigatoni and banana bread for their dinner.

Other stars who get busy in the kitchen – and share their loot on social media – include Michelle Colllins, who made the cake, Paddy McGuiness, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who made a vegetarian paella.

David Beckham loved to eat bangers and mash with coleslaw

David finished the meal with a delicious dessert

Last Sunday, Gwyneth went to her Instagram after a trip to the farmers’ market with her husband Brad Falchuk, 49, to discuss the importance of social distancing.

She said: “Although we are all on a learning curve and are not always perfect at understanding this new temporary standard, we must take control seriously and not abuse the freedoms we still have; groceries and essential shopping, bike rides or walks (be disciplined on the correct protocol).

She stressed that “this is not the time for denial” and that as a society “we have to take this seriously and put up shelter.”


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