Danny Rose says there is no problem with Premier League players who give up wages


Danny Rose (left) says he spoke to his English teammate Jordan Henderson about donations

“The backs of Premier League players are against the wall” on the pay cut talks, said Danny Rose.

Top flight clubs have agreed to offer a 30% reduction to ease the financial burden of the coronavirus crisis.

The slow reaction of football has been criticized, while some clubs – including Newcastle – have put staff on temporary leave.

“We all want something to happen,” Rose, who is on loan from Newcastle, told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I can only speak for myself, but I would have no problem paying my wages to those who are fighting on the front lines and to those who have been affected by what is happening right now. “

The Premier League agreed to use the pay cuts to advance £ 125 million to the EFL and the National League, and to donate £ 20 million to the NHS.

Earlier, club captains – led by Jordan Henderson – had talks about possible charitable donations during the pandemic.

“We sort of feel like our backs are against the wall. Conversations took place before people outside of football commented, “added Rose, who was loaned to Newcastle by Tottenham, added Friday Football Social.

“I called Jordan Henderson and he worked so hard to find something.

“There was simply no need for people who are not involved in football to tell footballers what they should do with their money. I found this so bizarre. “

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Thursday that footballers should “take a cut and play their wages,” while some clubs have placed non-player staff on the government’s leave program.

Digital, Culture, Media and Sports committee chairman Julian Knight wrote to Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, calling for action on player wages, saying that the clubs that lay off players non-player staff but do not impose a reduction on player wages should be subject to an exceptional tax if it does not change its approach by Tuesday.

The Association of Professional Footballers (PFA) has already written to its members urging them not to accept a reduction or deferral of wages before speaking to the union.

The league, clubs and player representatives will be joined by the PFA in a meeting on Saturday to discuss the next steps.

“We are judged every day of our lives”

Wolves captain Conor Coady said the players have been looking to do something “for a while now.”

“It is fantastic to see people trying to make this effort. It’s something everyone wants to be a part of. As footballers, it is important to help as many people as possible. “

“What came out now is the 30% reduction. We are judged every day of our lives. Now is the time to go ahead and donate. “

Former Tottenham and England midfielder Jermaine Jenas said that the criticism of Premier League players “was an absolute joke”.

“Their hearts are in the right place – they wanted to control where the money goes,” he said.

“Basically, if the players drop their wages, the beneficiaries are the clubs. Their main concern is what happens to this money. They are happy to put money in a jar, rather than make it go away. “

“They want to influence the destination of this money. Does he go to the NHS for school meals? They want to control it. They don’t want to be dictated by the Premier League – they don’t want to have any idea where the money went. “

Tottenham, Bournemouth and Norwich have also chosen to use the government’s job retention program.

Players, coaches and executive staff from Norwich donated a percentage of their salary to help local populations affected by the pandemic, while championship players in Leeds and Birmingham accepted salary deferrals and reductions.

In Europe, players from Barcelona and Atletico Madrid suffered a 70% pay cut, while players from Juventus and manager Maurizio Sarri agreed to freeze their wages for four months.

Bournemouth director Eddie Howe has become the first Premier League boss to take a voluntary pay cut during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday.


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