Daniel Pearl: Pakistan cancels death sentence for death row inmate


Undated file photo of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl who disappeared in the Pakistani port city of Karachi January 23, 2002

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Pearl disappeared in Karachi in 2002 while researching extremism

Pakistan has canceled the death penalty for the man convicted of the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

Born in Britain, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who has been in prison since 2002, has had his sentence reduced to seven years, his lawyer told reporters.

Three other men sentenced to life for the murder were acquitted by the Sindh High Court and released.

Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter, disappeared in Karachi in January 2002.

A month later, authorities said he was killed after receiving video footage of his beheading.

Sheikh was convicted soon after by an anti-terrorism court, but the case has long been in doubt.

A group of American journalists investigating the murder said in 2011 that they believed Sheikh was not guilty.

The Pearl Project alleged that the beheading was carried out by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, detained at Guantanamo Bay, accused of being behind the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh should now be released from prison after serving 18 years.


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