Daniel Levy plans to hire Tottenham ground staff to work on his private property


Daniel Levy considered laying the ground staff at Tottenham Hotspur who was not put on leave to work in his private estate in Hertfordshire during the coronavirus crisis.

Tottenham insists that President Levy pay for all staff he uses privately, rather than through the wages of the Spurs, as the club attempts to keep the employees at work.

Levy and Spurs have been criticized for advancing wage cuts by 80% for their 550 non-player employees, about half of whom were on leave, in April and May.

Staff members were upset by the measures, saying they are treated differently from employees of other Premier League clubs. Norwich City and Bournemouth both make up for lost time for staff on leave.

But Levy stressed that the decision to cut wages and layoffs had been taken to protect jobs for the future and to counter the threat of layoffs further.

As part of his desire to keep as many of his staff as possible at work, Levy considered supplementing the hours of Tottenham ground staff by using them at his home.

Levy lives in Hertfordshire in a residence which, according to the people visited, has large grounds.

While the grounds for Tottenham’s £ 1 billion stadium will need to be maintained during the coronavirus crisis, there is currently no need to prepare it for matches with the Premier League suspended indefinitely.

The Enfield Club training ground is also closed to all personnel except essential, players training at home, which means that there is less work to do on the fields.

Levy said he plans to continue with vacation and cutbacks, which include himself and Tottenham’s board of directors, as staff receive a second email outlining their new terms of employment.

Those on leave were told not to answer club-related calls or emails for April and May, and were advised to turn off Tottenham devices, while those who stayed at work were asked to sign a document accepting the modification of their salary and contracts.

A source told Telegraph Sport: “People are angry and upset. Many worry about their mortgages and other bills. Other clubs have put their staff on leave, but at least they have agreed to increase their salaries. “

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters ’Trust tried to make a final call for Levy to change his mind by posting a message on social media that said,” We always said @SpursOfficial – pause and rethink. We are now saying it clearly and in public – don’t further damage the club’s reputation, listen to your fans. “

But there is no evidence that the Spurs are planning to follow Liverpool to reverse their decision to lay off staff other than football.


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