Dalvin Cook of the Vikings says it hurts to see Stefon Diggs traded


Attacking midfielder Dalvin Cook, the Minnesota Vikings, said he recognized Stefon Diggs was unhappy with his situation in Minnesota, but still carried the receiver wide at the Buffalo Bills.

“This one hurt,” Cook said in a telephone interview with Pioneer Press. ” It is my brother. You know how close Diggsie and I were. Seeing him go, it hurts because we spend so much time with a guy. … It hurts a lot of the guys in the locker room, but it’s part of the business. We have to accept that Diggs wanted to be happy and be happy for him as a player. “

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Cook told the newspaper that he contacted Diggs after the exchange “and just said, ‘He’s my brother for life and I’m still here with you.’ And he was the same, vice versa. “

Cook and Diggs have been teammates for three seasons. The Vikings traded Diggs for the Bills in a package that included a first-round pick in this month’s project.

Diggs showed visible frustration last season, which spilled over after a week 4 loss to Chicago. The big receiver was fined $ 200,000 for being absent from training sessions and team meetings the following week. The catcher of the star then said that he had “communicated nothing” regarding the request for an exchange, but that there was “the truth in all rumors” in the middle of the assumption that ‘He was unhappy with the state of the Vikings’ offense, which had shifted to a run-first approach, and its role within it.

This off-season saw the departure of several veterans from the Vikings’ list thanks to liberation, trade and free agency.

“Now it’s time for some of the younger kids to step up and it’s time for us to get out here and still be candidates,” Cook told Pioneer Press. “I was close to a lot of these guys (who have disappeared) but this is part of the business, and you have to move on. I just think the Vikings, we just need to get together and I think we will still be contenders at the end of the day. It’s just going to be new faces that you have to get used to. “


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