Dak Prescott hosts birthday party for friend in violation of Texas “safer home” orders, report says


Throughout his career in the NFL, Dak Prescott has been a good decision maker. He rarely took bags, posting an below average bag rate in three of his four seasons. He carefully avoided turnovers, throwing interceptions on only 1.7% of his passes, giving him the third lowest interception rate among the 157 quarters who have thrown at least 2,000 career passes.

This weekend, however, Prescott displayed downright terrible – and possibly dangerous – decision-making. Prescott hosted a birthday party for a friend who grossly violated Texas’s “safer home” social distancing orders, reports TMZ Sports report. TMZ initially reported that there were up to 30 guests at the party, which took place at Prescott’s in Prosper, Texas.

Prosper PD told TMZ Sports that she had responded to a report about a possible Dak home party. However, “the officer was unable to verify the report of a” party “; therefore, he just reminded the resident of the CDC’s current guidelines – to include social distancing. “

According to TMZ, the party then included a sit-down dinner at Prescott’s house which included only 10 guests, although these guests were seated at a table that did not separate them by six feet, as recommended by the distance guidelines social as one of the photos posted on TMZ.com show.

Among the guests at the initial gathering was Prescott’s teammate Ezekiel Elliott. Prescott also met with several current and former teammates recently (including Dez Bryant) to use routes and throw passes, which is also an apparent violation of Texas “safer at home” guidelines.

These are difficult times. Everyone wants to be able to meet up with friends and family, go to work, practice their profession. Staying at home and isolating yourself during birthdays, holidays and special events is difficult. But leading epidemiology experts have recommended that everyone do it, and “everyone” understands professional athletes. Prescott should heed their advice.


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