Daily Leafs news and chat: Philadelphia Flyers acquire Sandin


Sandin is a Philadelphia Flyer starting next season, no matter when or if the league ends a game this season.

Linus Sandin who is.

The big brother of my favorite Maple Leafs defense hope goes to Philadelphia.

Linus has never been drafted, but he has played professional hockey in the SHL for several seasons. He will go to the Flyers with high expectations next season. He has movements.

Observation of the Chicago Steel jersey!

It’s not the first time the Flyers have had a Leafs player’s brother on their team. They picked up Luke Schenn’s brother, Brayden, in a crazy blockbuster deal with Paul Holmgren in 2011 that blew up their entire team and, in turn, led to one of the Leafs’ biggest commercial victories from memory. recent.


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