Daily figures on FS coronavirus cases: confirmed cases up 0.2% and deaths at 21 years of age


A group of us is organizing a basic volunteer effort to track the number of hospital beds / ventilator capacity by asking people working inside the hospital to share anonymously daily.

This is essential for a quick response. Not so much for the public as for the hospital teams to coordinate with neighboring regional hospitals. When the thrust reaches an area, this information lets you know where patients can be moved or redirected.

Given the speed of this pandemic, we believe it will be more effective to bypass the current system and allow person-to-person information sharing. We have not received any response from our requests for contact with the Ministry of Health at city and state level, so we will not wait for the wave to arrive.

We use free tools that everyone already knows and uses (google sheets, facebook, html, etc.)

We have a website with current numbers by hospital, separated by state. These floor / intensive care numbers are just the baseline of the census, not yet updated by us. All the relevant links are here:

In addition, we have a mapping tool that displays current data by county, state and county in the United States. You can choose the areas of interest to compare and quickly share the charts.

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