D.C., Virginia, and Maryland coronavirus updates for Tuesday


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) said Tuesday that he was doing what President Trump asked states to do when he decided for Maryland to buy 500,000 coronavirus tests in South Korea.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, Hogan said he did not know why Trump had bashed him at his press conference Monday evening.

“This is exactly what the president told us to do,” said Hogan. “He said that the governors were responsible for this, they are on the front line, we should just do it. And then we did it, and then we were criticized. “

Hogan said he had a “great conversation” with Vice President Pence and Trump’s coronavirus task force on Monday when he thanked the federal government for its work. “Somehow it derailed yesterday at this press conference,” he said, “but I don’t know why. “

Trump said at the press conference that Hogan did not need to go to South Korea for the tests and that there were laboratories in Maryland that the federal government had identified.

“These are not tests. These are just labs that don’t have tests, “said Hogan.

The governor again thanked his wife, Yumi, who grew up in Seoul, for helping to implement the agreement.

Since taking office, Hogan and the first lady have established a solid relationship with the South Korean ambassador to the United States, the president and the first lady.

He said the purchase of $ 9 million would “make a huge difference” in Maryland’s efforts to stem the spread and the state’s ability to reopen. Hogan said states compete in the free market with each other and with the federal government.

“I am not sure it should have been like this, but it is so,” he said. “This is how the president said it should be, and this is how we operate. “


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