Cycling: George Bennett of NZ prepares for delay in Tour de France


Already in a month, the quarantine period has just been extended indefinitely.

“It has nothing to do with New Zealand … there is no way out for a walk, nothing. If you leave your apartment, you must go to the pharmacy or the supermarket.

For Bennett, it’s all about perspective.

“It sucks but all we have to do is stay inside. It’s not like we are going to have a traumatic experience. Just do nothing.

“There are days when you get off and get on your bike would be a dream, but it’s just not really an option. “

The technology has enabled Bennett to “hit the road” with his colleagues on the Jumbo-Visa team, via an online platform to which he connects his home exercise bike.

“It is connected to your power meter.” You put your weight on and you can go in and race with people online

“This morning we have an internal team race. We all connect and it’s a little funny, but we argue over the Internet. “

When it comes to simulating a real road race, it’s “not even close”. But beggars can’t choose, adds Bennett.

“There is an element of reality, but what is unrealistic is that I do not yet know a pro who has won an online race.

“We all get kicked by amateurs who lie about their weight or know something we don’t know.

“I normally hate driving the home trainer. It’s not really a bike for me, but at least it maintains a kind of shape and allows you to let off steam, do a few hours a day and ride the pedals. “


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