Cuomo orders New Yorkers to cover faces to slow virus spread: live updates


“As the largest employer of health care workers in the state, we understand how essential it is to have a functioning public transportation system during this unprecedented time of challenges,” said Michael J. Dowling, President from Northwell Health.

Many transit workers have expressed frustration over the past few weeks over the difficulty of getting tested for the virus, which killed more workers than the government on Tuesday.

The limited tests provided by Northwell Health are unlikely to match the demand for testing among the Authority’s 74,000 employees.

As of Monday, about 2,269 workers had tested positive for the virus and about 3,660 were quarantined, up from a maximum of 6,000, officials said. Since the start of the epidemic, 2,020 workers have returned to work after being infected and recovering.

“We will continue to work to identify all the solutions we can deploy to help protect our employees,” said Patrick J. Foye, president of the authority, in a statement. The region simply cannot function without the essential and heroic workers of this pandemic. “

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