Cuomo emerges as “Trump Whisperer” during coronavirus crisis


Yet these brushstrokes are gentle compared to the type of vitriol that Mr. Trump threw at other Democratic governors like the Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who, according to the president, was “well over his head” and had “no clue” how to deal with the crisis.

Murphy said that even with a “New York echo chamber that hates all of Trump,” Mr. Cuomo “is not looking for enemies at the moment,” given the state’s urgent needs.

“Cuomo just knows that a total war would be good for him politically in a certain dimension, but operationally it would be a huge pain,” he said.

Cuomo’s position is also opposed to that of Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has repeatedly criticized the president, although his tone has become more restrained in recent days.

“We are talking, ironically, of a New Yorker in the White House who is currently betraying New York,” de Blasio said on March 20.

Trump did not take such comments well.

“Yeah, I’m not dealing with him,” said the president later today. “I’m dealing with the governor. “

For his part, Cuomo says he is not obsequious and ready to fight the administration. “I am a tangler,” he said.

But he insisted that the crisis was too great to bicker.

“I know this is a political year, and everything is a political backdrop, and the Democrats want to criticize the Republicans, the Republicans want to criticize the Democrats,” Cuomo said this week. ” Not now. Not now. “

Thomas Kaplan contributed to Washington and Jeffery C. Mays reports from New York.


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