CT coronavirus updates: 27 deaths in 1 day


CONNECTICUT – Another 27 people have died from the new coronavirus in the past 24 hours in Connecticut, bringing the death toll to 112, Governor Ned Lamont said Thursday.

An additional 267 cases were reported on Thursday, bringing the total to 3,824 cases. Authorities said 827 people had been hospitalized.

The number of positive cases by county is as follows:

  • Fairfield 2132
  • New Haven 647
  • Hartford 539
  • Litchfield 141
  • Middlesex 74
  • Tolland 67
  • New London 29
  • Windham 21

The number of deaths by county is:

  • Fairfield 65
  • New Haven 17
  • Hartford 13
  • Tolland 10
  • Middlesex 3
  • Litchfield 2
  • New London 1

The number of hospitalizations by county is as follows:

  • Fairfield 381
  • New Haven 274
  • Hartford 136
  • Middlesex 11
  • Litchfield 11
  • New London 9
  • Windham 3
  • Tolland 2

Of the 112 deaths, 63 were people over 80; 29 were between 70 and 79 years old; nine were between 60 and 69 years old; five were between 50 and 59 years old; four were between 40 and 49 years old; one was between 30 and 39 years old; and one was a newborn.

Sixty-six of the dead were men and 46 were women. There have been more positive cases involving women than men.

Latest data on nursing homes

Out of 216 Connecticut nursing homes, 42 (19%) have had at least one confirmed case of COVID-19 virus. A total of 150 residents of nursing homes have coronavirus. Sixty-four (43%) were hospitalized and 15 (10%) died.

City-by-city key numbers

Of the 3,824 positive cases from the state, Stamford has 508, Norwalk 330, Danbury 231, Greenwich 170, New Haven 133, Westport 125, Bridgeport 115 and Waterbury 105.

Key points to remember and new Governor Lamont’s decree at Thursday’s press conference

Lamont said the infection rate has been lower in recent days based on the number of people tested. A total of 1,700 tests were administered on Wednesday and 267 new cases were identified.

Lamont issued a new decree saying that the only “essential workers” can stay in hotels and short-term rentals. There will be no more “leisure” hotel stays, said the governor.

Last year 180,000 Connecticut residents filed for unemployment benefits and in the past 18 days, 220,000 residents have filed for unemployment, said Lamont. He said he is working to reduce the processing time for requests.

On the $ 2.5 trillion federal stimulus bill, Connecticut will receive $ 1.45 billion for state and municipal budgets and the money will not arrive until April 27. Hospitals will be reimbursed for all expenses related to coronaviruses.

The state’s financial impact of coronavirus is expected to be approximately $ 500 million this fiscal year, said Lamont. He said the state had a solid fund for rainy days to pay the bills. Officials said the state could see a billion dollars or more in next year’s budget due to the coronavirus.

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