Csonka AEW Dynamite review 4.15.20



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Csonka AEW Dynamite review 4.15.20

TNT Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match: Lance Archer defeated Colt Cabana @ 11:20 via a pin[[[[***]
– Dr. Britt Baker beat Cassandra Golden @ 1:10 with a pin[[[[NR]
– Sammy Guevara defeated the pineapple “Sugar D” Pete @ 5:50 via a pin[[[[** ½]
– Kip Sabian beat Chuck Taylor @ 10:25 via pin[[[[***]
– Shawn Spears defeated Justin Law @ 2:15 via pin[[[[NR]
No Holds Barred Empty Arena Match for the AEW World Title: Champion Jon Moxley defeated Jake Hager @ 30:45 via pin[[[[*]

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– Tony & Jericho are commenting.

– We open with a Jake Roberts promo, placing Archer as one of the winners of the TNT Championship. Whenever he wins, he gets closer to what they want, Cody. Jake praises Colt Cabana, but note that she is not good enough to take Archer. Archer was exiled, forced to go to Japan, dominated and is now back and is an animal. Listen to me or regret it. Jake is great.

– We get a Colt Cabana video package, putting on his career and an unbeaten AEW record. He will show his worth, prove himself and even if Archer is a big bad guy, he has confidence in himself and in his ability to progress and win the championship.

TNT Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match: Lance Archer vs. Colt Cabana: Lance attacks immediately, Colt responds and accelerates, but pisses Lance. Launches the lawn but Colt manages to empty it. Colt plays away, angering the big man. Colt finally attacks with chops and hits, avoids a charge and is quickly cut with the full Nelson slam for 2. Lance takes control, chokes in the ropes but Colt responds, Lance does not sell the chops and levels him with a short armed clothesline and strikes. He follows with chops, hits and just dominates. Colt continues to try to fight back, but is beaten up for his troubles. Lance follows with the slingshot splash for 2. After the break and Lance continues to control, slapping Colt and Colt finally pulls back, but is cut again. Lance misses a second splash of rope, allowing Colt to shoot and deliver strikes and scissors to the head. The flying asshole follows and the double jump splash gets 2. He then hits the elbow and is then murdered with a leap. The chokeslam follows and the blackout ends it. Lance Archer defeated Colt Cabana @ 11:20 via pin [***] It was a good start that Archer dominated, while Cabana retained some credibility.

– Britt Baker cuts a promo on a model’s rules, playing by the rules while his opponents break them. She is the face of the division and a real winner. The hero we need.

– They beat Hager against Moxley.

– Taz makes a video tutorial of Hager’s head and arm.

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Cassandra Golden: Shida is in the crowd and not impressed by Baker. Baker attacks the bell, hits a superkick and poses with Golden. She follows by suffocating Golden, makes him bite the strings and brake him strikes for victory. Dr. Britt Baker beat Cassandra Golden @ 1:10 with a pin [NR] The model gives a rebound victory here.

– Ron Funches hypes Moxley vs Hager, choosing Mox to win. Mike Goldberg chooses Hager to win.

– We receive a video package featuring the best of AEW so far and the next PPV Double or Nothing event on May 23.

– The Bubbly Bunch is next and it is done via a video call while Ortiz hangs out with his stuffed animals, Sammy wakes up and claims that the Bucks have stolen his things and that he is upset by Hardy calling him a fake Latin. Hager shivers near his pool and agrees, and says he’s going to beat the shit out of Mox, and tells him to apply the earmuffs. Jericho agrees, calls sexy Sammy and laughs at Hangman Page, wondering if Cody fed Pharaoh to him.

Sammy Guevara vs. Pineapple “Sugar D” Pete: Jericho kicked Pete’s “Sugar D” pineapple. They lock themselves in and Sammy puts things down right away and poses. Sammy keeps things grounded, Sugar D responds and follows with Lucha’s arm. Sammy cuts him off and follows him with strikes and takes him to the ground. Back and Sammy follows with a suplex and covers for 2. He chokes him in the ropes, and follows with the fall of Samoan squatting for 2. Sammy controls with ease, until Sugar D rocks him for 2. Sammy cut it and make it Jericho cover for 2. Sugar D avoids the load and delivers chops, uppercuts and Sammy nailed the knee strike and GTS for the win. Sammy Guevara defeated the pineapple “Sugar D” Pete @ 5:50 via a pin [**½] An easy night’s work for Sammy.

– Sammy says he’s going to keep beating Darby Allin’s shit in the TNT tournament. He defeats Sugar D until Darby backs up.

– John McCarthy chooses Hager to win the title tonight. Excalibur chooses Mox to win.

Kip Sabian vs. Chuck Taylor: Ford and Cassidy are at the edge of the ring. They lock in, working in counters as Chuck tries to take control, he follows with a tackle and goes half-crab until Kip escapes to the ground. Back inside and Kip puts the boots on her until Chuck kicks back. It follows with a slam elbow drop and covers for 2. It follows with chops, Kip against and toss it. Ground and Chuck Kip suplexes to the apron. Back and cover for 2. Chuck heads up and the moonsault is missing and Kip follows with the missile dropkick for 2. He follows with uppercuts and kicks. The PK follows for 2. He throws Chuck and Ford puts the boots on him. Back and covers Kip for 2. They go up and the chuck counters back and drop Kip onto the mat. The moonsault is missing, lands on its feet and deals with the falcon’s arrow. He follows with kicks and strikes, and the powerbomb sitout follows for 2. Chuck goes up and misses the double trampling, the knee strike and the lariat by Kip follows for 2. The anarchist suplex follows for 2 Chuck returns to soul food, Ford distracts him and Kip chats with her. Orange tries to distract Kip, Chuck attacks, but Jimmy Havoc attacks Orange and throws him on the ground. Ford attacks Chuck and Kip rocks Chuck for victory. Kip Sabian defeated Chuck Taylor @ 10:25 via pin [***] A good and fun match with the right person for the tournament, as they also teamed up with Kip & Ford at Havoc.

– They continue to beat Mox against Hager.

Shawn Spears vs. Justin Law: Spears looks funny with Mr. Law, he attacks and lowers him easily. They lock and operate in counters under the control of Spears. He falls to his knees and goes to the basic position, allowing Law to rock him for 2. Spears cuts him quickly, follows him with chops and a washing line. The C4 finishes it. Shawn Spears defeated Justin Law @ 2:15 via pin [NR] A nice rebound victory for Spears.

NEXT WEEK: Orange Cassidy against Jimmy Havoc, Allin against Guevara and Sabian against Dustin and Kenny Omega in action.

– Jim Ross takes over the comments.

No Holds Barred Empty Arena Match for the AEW World Title: Champion Jon Moxley vs. Jake Hager: It was recorded when they were still in Florida. They go around in circles, work up to the ropes and break. They lock themselves in and go up to the ropes, Moxley takes him down and backs off from his guard. Hager works on a frontal lock, but Moxley collides with an arm bar but Hager overtakes him to escape. Moxley shoots, leads him, but Hager rushes and escapes. They work up to the ropes, fighting for position until Hager delivers knee strikes. Moxley responds with chops, elbows in the corner and goes to a kimura, then to an STF. Hager comes out, takes the hold and seems to function as a strangulation. Moxley responds, Hager puts the boots on him and they exchange blows until Moxley unloads him. He follows with a plancha and works for an arm on the ground. After the break and Hager fights, slamming Moxley at the barricade. They fight in the arena, Hager fights a Gotch piledriver and slams Moxley to the ground. They crawl in the stands and Moxley dumps with strikes, knees and works a number four around a pole in the stands. Hager escapes, Moxley goes to bed, but Hager shoots him at the barricades. Back at the edge of the ring and Moxley is sent to the steps. Back and Hager remains in control until Moxley blocks the Vader bomb and continues with a jumping knee. The mall ring, Hager knocks on the knee and the doctor bombs for 2. After the break, Hager follows with corner clotheslines. Moxley responds in a desperate lariat. Hager thwarts the piledriver Gotch until Moxley rocks him for 2. The DDT follows but Hager counter in the head and strangled arm. Moxley fights and strings. Hager throws him away and follows him with the blows of the chair. Back inside and Hager tucked a chair in the corner, Moxley counters then runs into the chair while Hager covers for 2. After the break and Hager works on the ankle lock. Moxley refuses to tap, rolls Hager to the ground and returns, and strikes the death jumper in a guillotine. Hager works on his feet, they exchange and Hager puts him on his knees. President foolishly by Moxley, death jumper at the chair and he wins. Champion Jon Moxley defeated Jake Hager @ 30:45 via pin [*] These two have worked very hard, but the long games are hard enough, but the long games in an empty arena are even more difficult. I think they are smart enough to focus largely on the ring. The value of wrestlers cheering for the games was shown here, and JR really needed someone on the color comments to help feel the silences during the game. Hager is also a guy who REALLY shouldn’t work long matches as he was exposed to 15 with Dustin at the last PPV, and with all due respect to Moxley, Dustin is a much smarter worker than he and may well hide weaknesses. It was just crazy to see this game last so long. They built Hager as the monster challenger of the month, but as a match, it didn’t work for me.

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The 411: This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite was a rock solid show, thriving on its simplicity when things worked. They made Hager vs Moxley feel like a major event (even if it didn’t deliver), connected the shows well, built the TNT tournament with the right people winning, giving others rebound wins and continuing to focus on Baker & Shida in various ways.



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