Crowded Asda sees buyers too close for social distancing


Buyers of Asda-Walmart in North Swindon found it difficult to stay away from each other in crowded walkways.

Supermarkets have implemented measures to allow customers to shop while staying two meters from other people.

Amy Doyle took photos of the buyers and shared them on Facebook after being shocked by what she saw.

The message has spread quickly and has now been shared more than 200 times.

Amy said, “Asda, if you call it social distancing, you are blind. I’ve never felt so comfortable shopping for my kids. Take a look at the number of people you have in your store. You risk people life and well-being. “

Gemma Lyon told Adver, “I am the one wearing the mask and I was trying to distance myself from society, but it was just impossible.

“I stood there waiting for people to move and people walking down the aisles or walking past me. For my part, I will no longer go to Asda because I normally do my shopping at Tesco and Aldi and actually thought that Asda would be safer than people had commented on the time it took to enter, so I thought that meant that there were fewer people allowed to enter the store. “

The Adver approached Asda for comment.


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