‘Criminal’ – West Brom and Leeds United fans react to new promotion request


Supporters of West Bromwich Albion and Leeds United commented on claims that their clubs would be promoted to the Premier League if the EFL followed the precedent set by the Rugby Football Union.

Both clubs are clearly the favorites to return to the high level courtesy of the automatic promotion spots, but have been left in limbo with the season now suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But this week, the RFU has confirmed that its season will end using a “best game record formula” to decide on promotions and relegations.

No more matches will be played, with a point-per-match method used to determine which clubs will go to the Premiership and other leagues below.

The average of the points per game at home and the points per away game until March 14 will be applied to the remaining matches to determine the final league tables.

Only one team is promoted from the RFU Championship, with the Newcastle Falcons entering the leading pack for next season.

If the EFL followed suit and applied the same method to its promotion rules, Albion would increase by 87 points (86.8). Leeds would be promoted champion with 89 points (88.5) while Fulham would remain in third place with 79 points (79.2).

But what do the fans think?

Here’s what Albion fans had to say:

Gary Eve: Leeds is the team that stands out with WBA 2e. Leeds football is breathtaking in points. Even when we had the 7 game blip, we faced teams out of the park and were hit with single goals. Would be criminal if they weren’t both riding. All the other teams were late.

David Humes: There is a big difference between this and football, first of all the Saracens were relegated due to massive point reductions and the Newcastle Falcons won each of their games, you can also add to that they have need the Premier League to accept relegations, won does not happen, or the matches are played, or the season will be canceled, and at the rate we are going, it will be the last.

Steve Harold: We cannot promote a team that has not finished the league season because there would be chases everywhere, end of conversation.

Rob Harris: This idea doesn’t work, some would play as a team and some would lose their own form… that’s football. You can’t play behind closed doors, if it’s safe for the players and everyone involved, it should be for the fans.

Lesley Evans: I really hope they follow the presidency of Rugby, that would mean that the Baggies are going up.

How Leeds supporters reacted:

David Lemon: Very good for rugger, but the Saracens have already been relegated, no one in the Prem or in the other 3 football leagues has done so, legal proceedings would bankrupt the EFL.

Paul Atkinson: They won’t let us get on as easily. They will fight it to the end!

Paul Clough: There is still a lot of time to adjust, no need for an instinctive reaction.

Ashley Baren: Little word “if”! “If” this virus has not spread …


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