“COVID Toes”: the possible symptom of coronavirus mainly observed in children


Doctors have identified a possible new symptom of coronavirus that sees purple or blue lesions appear on the feet of otherwise asymptomatic patients.

The symptom, which was dubbed “COVID toe,” was discovered in March by Italian doctors and is now more widely recognized in cases in the United States, USA Today reported.

Dr. Ebbing Lautenbach, chief of infectious disease at the University of Pennsylvania medical school, says the lesions appear on the toes and sometimes on the fingers and seem to be a sign that someone has the virus.

“They are usually painful to the touch and can have a burning sensation,” he said.

ABC News reported that the lesions looked like frostbite spots.

Dr. Misha Rosenbach, associate professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, said that they thought they were related to COVID-19 but that they were not yet completely safe.

“What we see tends to be in response to the cold, but we see it in the middle of spring.

“And this happens in numbers like COVID, we have to think of it as a connection,” she told ABC News.


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