COVID Outbreak at St. Catharines Hospital Hospital Unit


A COVID-19 outbreak has been reported at St. Catharines Hospital after a healthcare worker tested positive.

Niagara Health says today that the outbreak is in a hospital unit and has since been closed.

Officials say the infection prevention and control team has taken “immediate action” and protected staff, doctors and patients.

Derek McNally, Executive Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer of Niagara Health, said they were working closely with Niagara Region public health and that their occupational health and safety team would monitor the situation closely and would adjust the measures necessary to respond to this outbreak.

The enhanced security measures currently in place include the temporary closure of the unit in question at all admissions and transfers.

Niagara Health says it follows up with patients, staff and doctors who may have been in direct contact with the health worker as a precaution.

The total number of COVID-19 patient deaths managed by Niagara Health is 18.

More than 200 cases have been reported in the region.


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