COVID-19: Why is Bruce Willis in quarantine with his ex-wife Demi Moore and not his real wife?


They were married for 13 years, then divorced, and now they are together again – just not as you would expect.

In some of the most eye-catching celebrity news to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, it appears that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are in quarantine with their three daughters and at least some of their daughters ‘partners – but Willis’ current wife is nowhere to be seen.

Moore, 57, has three daughters with Willis from their marriage of 1987 to 2000: Rumer, 31, Scout, 28 and Tallulah, 26.

In 2009, Willis, 65, married Emma Heming Willis, 41, and they have two daughters: Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5.

When Willis and Moore ended their marriage, they remained friends, and it now seems that the exes called to end the pandemic as a happy, reunited family. Since isolating themselves, they have used social media to post images showing their antics.

In a message, Moore posted a photo of herself, her daughters, and her boyfriend as a boy scout while viewing old family photos.

“The quarantine team … working on a family photo project,” she wrote. The movie star also posted photos of the group singing as a family.

Tallulah wrote to an online commentator: “Hi! We have chosen to quarantine together and we have been together for 27 days taking all the precautions. Stay inside and wash your hands! “

And even though Emma Heming Willis and Willis’ two daughters with Emma don’t seem – at least in the snapshots posted – to be included in the party, she doesn’t seem to care at all.

When Tallulah posted a photo of Moore and Willis in green pajamas, Emma wrote in the comments under the post: “Few people can take this color off!” You are looking for a good team. “

“The family bond at its best, you guys are missing,” Emma commented in another article.

“It really makes my heart melt,” she said, noticing a shot of Willis cutting one of his daughters’ hair.

At first glance, this may seem like a slightly strange arrangement, but it may not really be the case. According to a report in People, Moore, in his memoirs, wrote about his divorce from Willis:

“It’s funny to say, but I’m very proud of our divorce. “

“I think Bruce was afraid at first that I was going to make our separation difficult, and that I would express my anger and all the baggage that I had of our marriage by obstructing his access to children – that I would turn to all of these divorcing couple schemes use weapons. But I didn’t, and neither did he. “

“It was not easy at first,” she wrote, “but we managed to shift the heart of our relationship, the heart of what created the family, to something new that gave girls a loving and encouraging environment with both parents. We felt more connected than before the divorce. “

It is not yet known whether the group has so far remained isolated as a unit in its own right, or whether some people will come and go during the crisis.

Either way, we can expect Instagram to keep us posted.


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