COVID-19: Who is eligible for temporary Ontario “pandemic payments”?


Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Saturday announced a temporary “pandemic payment” for frontline workers risking their lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These workers would receive an additional $ 4 an hour for the next sixteen weeks, as well as a possible lump sum of $ 250 per month if they worked 100 hours or more.

Here are the employees who are entitled to this salary increase:

Health and long-term care:

Eligible workplaces include acute care hospitals, long-term care homes (private, municipal and not-for-profit), licensed retirement homes, and home and community care.

Eligible workers include:

  • Personal support workers

  • Registered nurses

  • Licensed practical nurses

  • Nurse practitioners

  • Care attendants

  • Support staff, including:

  • Porters, cook, caretaker, housekeeping, laundry and other key employees.

  • Service workers for people with intellectual disabilities

  • Mental health and addiction workers

Social services:

Eligible workplaces include foster homes for people with developmental disabilities, residential sites for caregivers, Aboriginal healing and wellness facilities or shelters, shelters for survivors of violence based on sex and trafficking in human beings, residential youth justice facilities, residential sites for licensed children, directly operated residential facilities, emergency shelters, supportive housing, respite / drop-in centers, temporary shelters and hotels and motels used for self-isolation and / or overflowing shelters.

Eligible workers include:

  • Direct support workers (eg, Service Workers for People with Developmental Disabilities, staff at licensed children’s shelters, intake / outreach workers)

  • Clinical staff

  • Maintenance staff

  • Security staff

  • Administrative staff

  • Maintenance team

  • Food service workers

  • Nursing staff


Eligible workplaces include adult correctional facilities and youth justice facilities in Ontario.

Eligible workers include:

  • Correctional officers

  • Youth services workers

  • Nurses

  • Personal health

  • Social workers

  • Food service

  • Maintenance team

  • Programming staff

  • Administrative staff

  • Institutional liaison officers

  • TRILCOR staff

  • Native Detainee Liaison Officers

  • Chaplains


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