COVID-19 vaccine in British Columbia: officials already have a plan to determine who will have priority


In a daily update, Dr. Bonnie Henry spoke to the public and said that although a COVID-19 vaccine has not yet been created, there are plans for its deployment. She explained that those most at risk will be the first online to receive it. She noted that this includes health workers as well as the elderly. Like any vaccine in Canada, a COVID-19 vaccine would not be mandatory.

While Saskatchewan is doing research, as well as UBC scientists and doctors, working hard to provide the nation with a COVID-19 vaccine or drug, public health officials have already begun to think about who will receive it first.

In an update to the public on Tuesday, April 21, Dr. Bonnie Henry noted during question period that health workers and the elderly would be the first to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Henry said authorities are considering it because the immunization process is part of the pandemic planning process.

“We have plans across the province and in Canada for mass vaccination clinics and, also, how do we determine the sequencing of the vaccination,” said the health official.

She noted that, like any vaccine, it will not be mandatory for all Canadians and that it will be the choice of the individual if they wish to be vaccinated.

“I would see people like the frontline healthcare workers for the vaccine as well as the elderly and the elderly,” she said.

With these two groups of people, anyone with pre-existing health problems or compromised immune systems would also be on the front line.

Although no vaccine was made, Henry notes that it can happen fairly quickly, so officials have thought about this possibility.

“We have a framework for how we will deploy this,” said the health official.

Henry said priority will be given to the groups of people mentioned above, but it could take months before the vaccine is rolled out in the province.

Currently, the growth curve for COVID-19 in British Columbia has flattened.

The latest data from the BC Center for Disease Control confirms that there are currently 1,724 cases in British Columbia. In addition, there have been 87 deaths and 1,041 people have recovered so far.


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