COVID-19 Updates for Saskatoon and Region for Friday, April 24


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If you are concerned that you may be infected with COVID-19, the Saskatchewan COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool is a useful resource.

Here are tips on how to practice physical / social distance and self-isolate properly at home. Are you having financial difficulties due to COVID-19? Support may be offered by the federal government and the province.

Travel restrictions for northern Saskatchewan.

Following a further increase in COVID-19 cases in northern Saskatchewan on Friday, strict travel restrictions have been placed on the area.

Saskatchewan Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Saqib Shahab on Friday issued a new public health order that restricts all “non-critical” travel in the north

Following the rise of COVID-19 cases, “non-critical” trip to northern Saskatchewan. banned

In Saskatchewan, the provincial government said in a statement.

The restriction more specifically covers the northern administrative district of Saskatchewan.

Shahab also recommended avoiding non-essential displacement between communities in the north of the province.

Long road for seniors

Although the province has announced its reopening plan, seniors still have a long way to go before regaining some sense of normalcy.

Prime Minister Scott Moe encourages vulnerable groups, including the elderly, to avoid going out if possible, even when things start to reopen in May.

“I think this is an appropriate warning,” said Sheila Clements, a 75-year-old woman who lives alone in a condo.

Sheila Clements

Saskatoon Revenue Projections

The COVID-19 pandemic could leave the city of Saskatoon with a tens of millions deficit, according to a new report.

“The pandemic has been unlike anything that most of us have experienced in our lifetime,” said city manager Jeff Jorgenson in a press release.

“The effects of the pandemic have had a profound impact on the city’s finances. While reflecting, we believe that the situation is manageable, thanks to the prudent financial management practices in place. “

A border town makes a choice

Saskatchewan’s decision to start reopening in May is complicated for a city in the province.

Lloydminster falls under the jurisdiction of Saskatchewan and Alberta, and Mayor Gerald Aalbers announced Friday that the city will follow Saskatchewan’s lead.

“It is a step in the right direction. We are going to take action rather than run and I really appreciate it because as a community leader it is important that we keep this safety factor first and I believe that is where it is today ‘hui,’ said Aalbers.

10 new cases in the province

Saskatchewan has reported 10 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the provincial total to 341.

According to a provincial press release, nine of the new cases are confirmed while one is suspected.

Saskatchewan now has 280 recoveries, after 10 new recoveries on Friday.

Will there be an Ex this year?

After the summer exhibitions in Edmonton (K-Days) and Calgary (Calgary Stampede) have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saskatoon exhibition may be next.

“It really depends on the province and what is allowed for public gatherings,” said Kristy Rempel, director of marketing at Prairieland Park.

The Saskatoon exhibit is scheduled to take place August 4-9 at Prairieland Park.

Resumption of the legislative session in “any form”: NDP

In the aftermath of the release of his government’s plan to “reopen” the province, Prime Minister Scott Moe, the NDP is lobbying to resume the current legislative session.

In a press release, the Official Opposition said that finding a way to reconvene Parliament “would restore democratic scrutiny” as Saskatchewan takes steps to lift many restrictions related to COVID-19 – the first province to do it in Canada.

Spirit lifting

A Saskatoon woman passes the time during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating and posting karaoke videos on her Facebook to keep friends and family entertained.

“At times like these, we have to laugh, we have to remember love, share our gifts and talents,” said Robyn Dutertre.

Dutertre is out of work due to the pandemic, so she decided to start creating videos where she dresses in costumes she has at home and karaoke on songs requested by her friends and family.

Street runners could violate health orders

The Saskatoon Police Service says it received complaints this week regarding street racing and associated rallies in parking lots.

“Eighth Street East and Spadina Crescent are the most active areas,” SPS said in a press release.

Saskatoon police curb COVID-19 street racing rallies

“Failure to comply with health orders and traffic or criminal offenses can result in fines or prison terms,” ​​said SPS.

Thursday recap

The province reported on Thursday

five new known cases

COVID-19 bringing the provincial total to 331, with 57 cases considered active.

Saskatoon is home to 20 active cases and 150 confirmed cases from the province have been concentrated in the city.

Government of Saskatchewan

published his plan

to gradually reopen the economy in five phases, the first beginning on May 4, when non-emergency medical services can resume, such as dentistry, optometry and chiropractic treatment.

The second phase, which will start on May 19, will see the reopening of retail businesses such as clothing stores and sporting goods stores, with strict physical distancing measures in place. For example, customers would not

allowed to try on clothes


The opposition leader said the announcement of the plan was a positive sign, but that it was not without risk.

“It is good news that we can even have this conversation in Saskatchewan,” said NDP leader Ryan Meili.

Meilie also said families and businesses are already affected by the closures

Need help.

An epidemiologist from Ryerson University says testing must be a top priority as the province of Saskatchewan reopens its economy next month.

Tim sly

calls COVID-19 a “stealth virus”

because up to half of people infected with the virus may have no symptoms.

Lloydminster will be in a unique situation given its position right on the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta, the city being potentially

“Semi-open” for businesses

next month.

U of S researcher studying adolescent relationships says challenges facing adolescents today

are quite different

than those of adults or small children and they should

“Peer relationships, especially these friendships, are so important in development and it is really important to keep them in mind,” said Carie Buchanan, assistant professor at St. Thomas More College.


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