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Pedestrians are wearing masks in Toronto on Friday as residents engage in social distancing during the COVID-19 epidemic. Health experts say that the increased number of COVID-19 cases due to community transmission makes it more difficult to slow the spread of the coronavirus in Canada. For now, WHO and Canadian officials say masks are only necessary for those who have the virus and those in close contact with them (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

Given that cases of infection are now increasing rapidly in the United States, there is more debate over whether people should wear face masks to limit the spread of the infection.

Currently, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Teresa Tam, maintains the position that face masks can reduce the spread of the coronavirus when worn by an infected person, offer little protection to people healthy who wear them.

At a press conference on Monday, she added that they could actually provide a false sense of security to healthy people who can also touch their face more often by wearing them while putting them on, taking them off and doing adjustments while wearing them.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also maintains the position that infected people should wear masks as well as those caring for the sick. They do not recommend healthy people to wear masks.

Canada’s chief medical officer, Dr. Teresa Tam, at a press conference on Monday, said it was essential to ensure the supply of masks for medical workers, adding that if you are not infected , wearing a mask is not beneficial and can also cause you to touch your face more often and possibly infect you with the virus caught on your fingers on contact surfaces. (via CBC)

The United States is debating compulsory masking; some European countries already there

The debate over the mask is happening in the U.S. where viral infection is spread. Officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) appear to be considering changing the official position, which currently echoes that WHO.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases in the United States. Speaking on CNN Newsroom, he said the CDC is actively discussing the situation, adding, “The thing that has inhibited it a bit is making sure that we don’t take the supply of masks away from workers people who need it, “added Fauci. “But when we find ourselves in a situation where we have enough masks, I think it will be very seriously considered to broaden this recommendation to use masks”

Some European countries have now imposed masks.

Austria has ordered people entering supermarkets and other stores to wear masks. These are now distributed at the entrances.

The Czech Republic has made it mandatory to wear masks, as has neighboring Slovakia, which has resulted in the wearing of many homemade masks.

Germany is considering at this stage adopting some form of compulsory wearing of the mask after the move from Austria.

In Asian countries where the use of masks has long been more widespread, local authorities say that “westerners” could reduce the spread of the virus if everyone wore masks.

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