COVID-19 reported fatalities in a downtown nursing home at 27


One of Canada’s oldest women who lived in a downtown Toronto long-term care home died of COVID-19.

Helen Lee said her 111-year-old grandmother, Foon Hay Lum, was the 26th dead woman from COVID-19 at Mon Sheong Homes for the Aged at 36 D’Arcy Street.

“I think we really gave up on our elders, and it’s so shameful of us for doing it,” said Lee.

She said residents of long-term care facilities have not received a “strong community response” to stop the spread of the virus.

24 other residents of downtown Toronto have contracted the virus.

COVID-19 ravaged many long-term care homes in Ontario, with 470 deaths reported among residents.

CTV News confirmed late Saturday evening that a 27 COVID-19 died at the facility. Dr. Tim Lee told Avery Haines of CTV News that his 55-year-old mother died of COVID-19.

Her father died of the virus earlier this month.

Tim Lee told CTV News that he had been able to see his mother before his death via a staff video call.

A total of 16 facility staff tested the virus.

The house operator told CTV National News on Friday that only 20 of the house’s 80 regular staff were working due to illness or the need to isolate themselves.

In a statement, the establishment said the province has partnered with the house on Mt. The Sinai health team, which is expected to send six more people this weekend.

“My Sheong has made it very clear to government that our primary needs are additional nurses and personal support workers (PSWs) for our residents. Additional staff would help ease the nursing and personal care workload for the current crew, “the center said in a statement on Saturday.

The facility said a doctor is also on hand to check on residents regularly.

In a letter sent to residents’ families on Wednesday, the house said it “urgently needs” personal protective equipment, including N95 masks, shoe covers and gowns.

The facility is one of some 50 long-term care facilities in the city affected by a COVID-19 outbreak.

On Saturday evening, the Hawthorne Place Care Center announced its 10th death from COVID-19. A total of 51 residents and 50 staff members contracted the virus.

Toronto had 4,628 COVID-19 cases and 253 deaths on Saturday. Of these cases, 305 are hospitalized and 112 are in intensive care units.

– with files from Avery Haines of CTV News


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