COVID-19: more than 200 WorkSafeBC complaints filed for exposure to the virus at work


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According to WorkSafeBC, more than half of the 237 people in British Columbia who have filed COVID-19 workplace exposure requests are health or social workers.

WorkSafeBC data shows that as of April 15, 123 workers in the health and social services sectors have filed claims, which to date has accounted for 52% of the claims.

There were 30 complaints in the service sector such as accommodation and the food industry, 27 from unknown employers (such as those not covered by WorkSafeBC), 12 from the public sector and 12 from self-employed employers. insured.

According to WorkSafeBC, the remaining claims were related to manufacturing, construction, transportation and warehousing, as well as trade, including retail and wholesale.

Claims submitted for COVID-19 contracted as part of a work-related exhibition are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Workers are entitled to compensation if certain conditions are met, such as proof that the worker has contracted COVID-19 and if the nature of the worker’s employment created a risk of contracting the disease significantly greater than the risk of exposure ordinary people. .

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