COVID-19 Local News and Updates (April 14)


Manhattan Beach, California |
9 a.m.

Disneyland Monte Cristo Recipe | More Inmates Release In Los Angeles, Orange County | Saint-Vincent helps COVIDPatients | Caltrans keeps Truckin ‘

LA County will offer low-interest loans of up to $ 20,000 to small businesses affected by COVID-19, officials said on Monday.

LA County will offer low-interest loans of up to $ 20,000 to small businesses affected by COVID-19, officials said on Monday. (Shutterstock)

LOS ANGELES, CA – Interesting stories from across the cities of Southland Patch to tell this evening:… Read more

Santa Monica, California |
10 a.m.

All workers and buyers are required to wear face covers at the downtown Santa Monica farmer’s market in response to the coronavirus.

SANTA MONICA, California – The downtown Santa Monica farmer’s market is still expected to open Wednesday after the farmer’s market closed this weekend due to the coronavirus outbreak, city officials confirmed with Patch. All sellers and buyers will also be required to wear masks or masks as a protective measure in the face of growing concerns about the coronavirus. The city continues to ask anyone who experiences symptoms of… Read more

Los Angeles, CA |
11 a.m.

A Los Angeles city councilor is proposing to open certain streets to non-drivers during the coronavirus epidemic, as other cities have done.

LOS ANGELES, California – Los Angeles city councilor Mike Bonin on Monday called for city streets to be more open so residents can walk and cycle during the coronavirus pandemic…. Find out more

Mission Viejo, California |
9 a.m.

If you have coronavirus arrest fever, as many of us do, try this delicacy from Disneyland’s French Quarter.

ANAHEIM, CA – Who misses Cajun-inspired food in New Orleans Square during the temporary closure of the Disneyland Resort coronavirus? We are …. Find out more

Pacific Palisades, California |

LA County will offer low-interest loans of up to $ 20,000 to small businesses affected by COVID-19, officials said on Monday.

LOS ANGELES, California – The Los Angeles County Development Authority administers a program offering low-interest loans of up to $ 20,000 to small businesses affected by COVID-19…. Find out more

Studio City, California |
1 p.m.

Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic have led Los Angeles authorities to reduce the hundreds of “non-violent” detainees.

LOS ANGELES, California – The presiding judge of the Superior Court announced Monday that 700 adults have been released from Los Angeles County jails in the past two weeks. Collaboration between the courts and other law enforcement partners has made this effort possible, they said. “I am proud that the Los Angeles County judicial partners have been able to agree on the release of low-risk individuals who have served almost all of their prison terms. … Read more

Los Angeles, CA |
1 p.m.

Los Angeles County reported its lowest daily increase in coronavirus cases on Monday since early March, but deaths have exceeded 300.

LOS ANGELES, California – The number of deaths from coronaviruses has exceeded 300 on Monday in Los Angeles County, while the death rate in the region has continued to increase alarmingly, but only 239 new cases have been reported, the lowest daily increase since the end of March… Read more

San Diego, California |
2 p.m.

Loss of sensory function has been anecdotally linked to COVID-19 infections, but UCSD researchers reported the first data-based link.

SAN DIEGO, California – Researchers at UC San Diego Health announced on Monday the first empirical findings strongly associating temporary loss of smell and taste with COVID-19…. Find out more

Los Angeles, CA |
3 p.m.

With over 10 million residents, the county is by far the largest in California and has the most confirmed cases of coronavirus.

By Bernard J. Wolfson, Kaiser Health News… Read more

Lake Forest, California |
2 p.m.

Create an easy DIY mask with materials available at home! Watch an easy tutorial and get out with confidence with quitting coronavirus.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, California – Last week, officials from Southland said that all residents should wear a mask over the nose and mouth as they head outside. This left a lot of trouble finding a solution that worked for them, since surgical-style face covers are rare. … Read more

Los Angeles, CA |
4 p.m.

The hotel giant has announced that it will provide $ 10 million in free stays for health workers at coronavirus hotspots, including Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Hotel giant Marriott International announced last week that it would provide $ 10 million in free hotel stays for healthcare workers at coronavirus hotspots, including Los Angeles…. Find out more

Encino-Tarzana, California |
5 p.m.

Find out how Connectopod Learning, Inc. is doing during coronavirus and what you can do to support them during this difficult time.

The new coronavirus has changed the lives of all of us. Local businesses have suffered a huge economic blow, but communities are finding creative ways to support the establishments they know and love. To help local businesses in our communities stay connected and succeed, Patch will highlight some of them through one during this period, Connectopod Learning, Inc. is one of the companies in the city… Read more


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