Covid-19 France: 404 new deaths


There have been 404 deaths from the virus in hospitals in the past 24 hours, he said.

This means that there have been a total of 12,900 deaths in hospitals and 7,896 in retirement homes (Ehpads) since the start of the epidemic.

30,106 people are still hospitalized, including 5,433 in intensive care. That compares to 30,584 people in the hospital and 5,683 in intensive care the day before. The number of people in intensive care has been decreasing for 12 days, said Dr. Salomon.

39,181 people were able to leave the hospital to return home, 1,171 more than the previous day.

There are 158,050 positive cases of Covid-19 registered in France, says the public health agency France Public.

Worldwide, more than 2.5 million cases have been recorded and 174,000 have died, reports Agence France Presse.

Some European countries, such as Germany and Denmark, are currently embarking on progressive deconfinement measures. All stores under 800 square meters have reopened and schools will reopen on May 4 in Germany. However, social distancing measures are still strongly in place and bars and restaurants remain closed.


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