COVID-19 food licking prank arrests man in southern Alberta


Police in Taber, Alberta arrested and charged a man after witnesses reported seeing someone try to lick a product from a grocery store in what is believed to be a COVID prank.

A witness called police on April 2 after seeing four people in the southern Alberta store appear to be tampering with products, Taber police said in a Facebook message.

Officers then found the suspects on the basis of the witness’ s license plate and charged a 20 – year – old man with mischief.

Officials say the reason for the farce was to participate in what some call the “COVID Challenge” on the TikTok video app.

“The company took every precaution to ensure that packaged goods were removed from the shelves and that the entire area was disinfected according to COVID-19 cleaning protocols,” said Taber police.

“The Taber police see this type of activity as a serious violation of good citizenship and of the conduct required during this time of crisis. this pandemic is unacceptable. ”

The man was released and is scheduled to appear in Taber Provincial Court on July 7.


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