COVID-19 can’t stop N.S. church from holding Easter service by car


Sunday, a dozen cars lined up in the parking lot of a Nova Scotia church for an Easter service by car.

The service was held under sunny skies at the Pentecostal Marine Drive Church in Head of Jeddore, N.S.

Pastor Scott Anderson climbed up and down the rows of cars, saluting the parishioners seated inside their vehicles with the windows rolled up.

The service was broadcast on a loudspeaker as well as on car radios with the help of an FM transmitter.

The unusual configuration was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency in place.

In a pre-service interview, Anderson said the church held a similar service several weeks ago.

The service was broadcast on a loudspeaker and also on car radios using an FM transmitter. (Shaina Luck / CBC)

He said there was “something special” about finding a way to come together, despite the current situation.

“We could see each other through the windows and greet each other … They would honk their horns to approve of different things,” said Anderson on Saturday.

“It was interesting to see how it connected us. Even though it is still a remote gathering, there is a presence that an online service does not quite offer.

“In the midst of this pandemic, there are things we can continue to do that can encourage people. “

Anderson stood in front of the church steps on Sunday with a microphone and a music stand. People used their car horns instead of applause or where people normally said “amen”.

Anderson said the service, which was also broadcast live on Facebook, got the green light with help from local Coun. David Hendsbee and the Nova Scotia Health Authority, with certain conditions.

He said authorities contacted the RCMP to inform them of the event. Anderson said people also need to keep their windows open, stay in their vehicles, and park in designated areas.

The authority did not immediately return a request for comment.

Other churches in Alberta and the United States held church services in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Anderson said the church only has plans for the Easter service. But he may consider trying another service in the future.


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