Covid-19: 833 dead per day in France | New Straits Times


PARIS: France reported on Monday that 833 more people had died of Covid-19 in hospitals and nursing homes in the past 24 hours, its highest daily toll since the start of the epidemic.

“We have not reached the end of the rise of this epidemic,” said Olivier Veran, Minister of Health, when he announced the new assessment which brings to 8,911 the total number of people killed in the coronavirus epidemic in France.

These figures remind France – which has been blocked since March 17 in order to slow the spread of the virus – the long road to travel after several days where the key figures have improved somewhat.

France now gives a combined daily report of deaths in hospitals and nursing homes. Previously, she only charged the hospital toll daily.

New deaths, 605 have been recorded in hospitals, said Veran.

” It’s not over. Far from it. The path is long. The figures that I have announced show it, “he said. “Stay at home and continue this containment effort,” he added.

Veran said that 478 more people had been hospitalized in intensive care in the past 24 hours, a higher number than in previous days.

But in more positive news, he said that including patients who left intensive care, there were just a net total of 94 additional patients in intensive care, the lowest number of its kind since delivery.

“We see that containment has a palpable impact. In France, we are starting to feel it. “

Veran said the latest figures from the statistical modeling show that the reproduction rate (R0) – the number of people infected by an average infected person – is decreasing in France.

If the number is less than 1.0, it means that the average victim infects less than one person, which gives hope that the epidemic will end.

“Thanks to confinement, this R0 is around 1.0 and probably a little below and in some regions clearly below.

“In other areas it is above 1.0, which is why we have to stay at home.”

Veran said that in nursing homes – where a total of 2,417 people have died since the start of the epidemic – a “large-scale screening” would begin to better protect residents. – AFP



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