Covid-19: 7,560 deaths in France


This is down from yesterday’s figure, which set a record 588 deaths in the previous 24 hours.

The total number of hospital deaths in France since the start of the epidemic is now 5,532.

In retirement homes and other medical institutions that were not included in the figures until last Thursday, the number of deaths was set at 2,028, bringing the total number of deaths in France to 7,560.

Health services director Jérôme Salomon said 28,143 people were currently hospitalized, 711 more than yesterday. Among hospitalized patients, 6,838 are in intensive care, an increase of 176 people in 24 hours. Friday’s figures gave 263 people admitted to intensive care in the previous 24 hours.

Among intensive care patients, 35% are less than 60 years old, 60% are between 60 and 80 years old and 105 people are less than 30 years old.

“The number of people who have recovered is increasing,” said Solomon. 15,438 people have been released from the hospital, he added. “Tens of thousands of people have remained confined to their homes and have recovered independently as the epidemic unfolded. evolved “.


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