Couple reunion with newborn twins 20 days after delivery of mom with coronavirus


A mother and father reunited with their newborn twins after spending 20 days apart due to a coronavirus.

Jennifer Laubach gave birth to her sons, Mitchell and Maksim, on April 3 after she and her husband Andre tested positive for the deadly virus.

The two men both described their relief at being able to find their children.

Jennifer, 36, said, “It was very moving because at the time, it had been three weeks since their birth,

“I felt like I had a baby and they just disappeared,” she told Good Morning America. “It was heartbreaking. “

Jennifer, 36, and Andre Laubach of Michigan met their sons Mitchell and Maksim a

The twins, born at just 32 weeks old, were immediately quarantined at Troy Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan after delivery.

On April 2, Jennifer’s water broke.

Andre discovered that he had tested positive for the virus when the couple went to the hospital.

New parents had to stay away from their newborns for an excruciating 20-day period

This meant that Jennifer was forced to drive 25 miles to the hospital alone, giving birth to her boys the next day without her husband by his side while he was isolated.

Mitchell was born 4 pounds, 3 ounces and Mackin weighed 3 pounds, 14 ounces.

After giving birth, Jennifer discovered that she had also tested positive for the virus.

Andre and Jennifer were only able to see the boys via video call

“I was isolated from family and friends again and I couldn’t see my babies and I was going through postpartum depression, I’m sure,” she said.

The new parents were only allowed to communicate with the babies using video cameras.

But three weeks later, the doctors finally gave the green light allowing them to kiss for the first time.

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Coronavirus epidemic

Jennifer and Andre have now urged others to take the virus seriously and understand the serious risks it poses.

“I just want people to take this virus seriously and not take your loved ones for granted, for sure,” she said.


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